People flummoxed as town keeps making ‘basic’ spelling mistakes on their road signs

If you’ve taken a drive through the leafy commuter town of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire recently, you might have been left feeling a little baffled by the road signs – and you wouldn’t be the only one.

As first reported by Birmingham Live, locals in the constituency of former Home Secretary Sajid Javid have been left rather infuriated after spotting several basic errors on road signs. The latest error has been spotted at one of the town centre’s busiest road junctions, where the Birmingham Road and the A448 Stratford Road meet. Here, a new sign points drivers in the direction of the M5 and ‘Brimingham’ not Birmingham. Whoops.

And this isn’t the only blunder people have spotted, as another incorrect sign can be seen on the A38 near The Artrix, before the roundabout with the Bromsgrove Highway.

This sign is intended to direct motorists towards Oakalls housing estate, but incorrectly points them to ‘Oakhalls’.

Road signage here falls under the jurisdiction of Worcestershire County Council rather than Bromsgrove District Council.

The signs have prompted a mixture of reactions from locals, with some complaining people now think they live somewhere they don’t, due to the mistakes.

Posting on Traffic Bromsgrove’s Facebook page, one resident wrote: “It gets me because so many people now think they “live on the Oakhalls”. You don’t!”

Another said: “Brimingham – someone didn’t attend school or study English well.”

While a third commented: “Well it does make sense, if you think about it!! We’re Brummies not Burmmies!”

Someone else added: “Well there’s £500 of tax payers money wasted. You would think somewhere along the line someone would have noticed before putting it up.”

Councillor Mike Rouse, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at Worcestershire County Council said: “We have recently completed a scheme in Bromsgrove to upgrade traffic signal equipment. An initial investigation has shown that the spelling mistake on the Birmingham sign was an error in sign production. We are working with our contractors to get the sign amended as soon as possible and we will also be reviewing signs in the nearby area. Signs that need corrections will be edited free of charge to the taxpayer.”