Geordies top table of house-proud Brits who love having tidy homes

Geordies are the most house-proud and love having canny homes, according to a survey.

The poll found 55% of Brits say they keep their homes spick and span. But in Newcastle that is 68%.

Next on the clean list are Cambridge then Birmingham on 64% and 59%.

TV shows such as C4’s How Clean is Your House? and internet stars Mrs Hinch are believed to have inspired the nation’s big tidy up.

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry, 27, has been described as the “Geordie Mrs Hinch” and shares her favourite cleaning tips on Instagram.

The poll found mess stresses 35%, while 36% feel serene in a clean and tidy house and 23% feel calm and relaxed after giving it a top-to-bottom cleanse. And 22% admitted to secretly judging people whose homes are in disarray.

Some 76% of those who claim their houses are in good order say they have a positive “glass half full” outlook on life.

Scott Popham, of Procter & Gamble which commissioned the study of 2,000 homeowners, said: “Our research has revealed some very interesting cleaning insights, with people from Newcastle emerging as the most house-proud.”

Percentage of those who describe themselves as extremely house-proud

1 Newcastle 68 %

2 Cambridge 64%

3 Birmingham 59 %

4 London 58 %

5 Glasgow 57 %

6 Bristol 56 % and Stoke 56 % (joint 6th)

7 Manchester 55 %

8 Oxford 55 %

9 Leeds 54 %

10 Brighton 52 %